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Facilities available

Sovereign Compact with WHITESTAR® ICE Technology

  • One of the top end Phacoemulsification machine from Abbott Medical Optics (USA)
  • WHITESTAR® ICE Technology Potential Benefits
    • More cutting efficiency
    • More control
    • More flexibility
    • Less power required
    • Less phaco time
    • Less surgical time
  • For more details visit AMO website
Phacoemulsification machine

Phacoemulsification machine

YAG Laser

Lightlas YAG Photodisrupter Laser (Lightmed)

  • LightLas YAG: The most advanced YAG laser Photodisruptor
  • Used in the treatment of Posterior Capsulotomy, Pupillary Membranectomy and Iridotomy procedures with ease and precision
  • For further details visit Lightmed website

Aeon Meditec Multispot patter Laser facilities

  • Internal clear view safety filters allow larger field viewing, undistorted crystal clear view of theretina and eliminates color distortion of the treatment site while optimizing white light transmission or brightness of the physician s view
  • True Parfocal Beam Delivery for exceptional energy distribution
  • Superior conveniently located Servo Electric Micromanipulator for precise laser delivery to the target tissue.
  • Superior Optic Slit Lamp for enhanced diagnosis
  • The Diode Pumped Soid State technolgy cavity delivers 2 W of power
  • Green Laser for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusions and other various retinal disorders
  • 532 nm wavelenght light is best tolerated by the retina. Further reference can be found on emedicine.

Aeon Multispot Green Laser

Fundus Camera

Fundus Camera

  • It is a very high resolution fundus camera (12 megapixel) for diagnosis of retinal pathology.
  • The system uses high quality, precision optics to illuminate and image the retina.
  • For futher details visit remidio website.

Nidek Auto Ref/Keratometer ARK-510A

  • Pupil Zone Imaging Method for reliable refraction measurement
  • SLD and highly sensitive CCD for high measurability of densely cataractous eyes and pseudophakic eyes
  • Visual acuity (VA) mesurement function for quick checkup of patient's refractive error (only for the ARK-560A)
  • Quick and accurate keratometry measurement
  • Tiltable 5.7-inch color LCD for user-friendly operability
  • You can find more details about this machine on nidek site
auto refractometer

Auto Ref/Keratometer

Auto Lens Meter

Shin-Nippon Auto Lens Meter SLM 6000

  • It is used to check spectacle power, UV transmission, marking blank lenses for further processing
  • To know the usage and specification visit Shin-Nippon site

PalmScan AP2000 USB A-Scan and Pachymeter (Micro Medical Devices, USA)

  • Clinically proven to be as accurate as partial coherence interferometry
  • Dense Cataract Penetration – not limited by the density of the cataract lens
  • Built-In IOL calculator with advance formulas
  • Post Lasik correction of keratometry
  • It is used for measuring axial length of eye ball in IOL calculation
  • Its pachymeter scan is used for measuring corneal thickness
  • To know about this machine more visit
A-Scan sonomed

PalmScan AP2000 USB A-Scan and Pachymeter

slitlamp with digital camera

Digital imaging system

Slit-Lamp with digital camera

  • Its an incorporatin of digital camera into an CSO Slit-Lamp microscope
  • Patients can see themselfs what doctor examines with a magnified view
  • It helps patients to visualise what actual problem they are suffering and thus take right decision
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